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Trustmark Warranty

Roofrite is a Trustmark registered company. In brief this means Trustmark operators have:- Checked our technical competence/ Checked our trading records/ Checked to ensure our Health & Safety practices are sound/ Checked our credit worthiness/ Checked previous customer satisfaction.

If you decide to ask us to proceed with works we will give you a Trustmark Work in Progress (WIP) Registration Card. We will fill in the brief details required and all you need to do is check you agree with the details, sign, date and post it. Trustmark's warranty provider - Quality Assured National Warranties (QANW) - will, on receipt of your registration card, send you the WIP Policy of Insurance.

When works to your roof are completed to your satisfaction, all monies have been paid and there is no outstanding work, we will notify this to QANW and they will send you the 10 year Post Completion Warranty. This warranty means you have the peace of mind that in the unlikely event Roofrite ceases to trade within a ten year period from completion, you can contact Trustmark if you have any issues relating to the work carried out.

In summary we believe the benefits of using a Trustmark registered company such as Roofrite shows that we are a legitimate firm that stands out from rogue traders. Moreover it demonstrates that Roofrite offers potential customers the chance of a quality service. Roofrite has also paid all necessary fees to provide you with this cover free of charge.